About Us

aneva is a structure capable of adapt to the most diverse needs, offering concept options and specific design in a short period of time, providing solutions that buildings of our time need.

«Nuestra filosofía is based on the match that exists between an efficient design and a particular architectural need."

«Nuestro objetivo es ser instrumento de la imaginación en los entornos más singulares, como mejor alternativa de aplicación.»

Since 1960 aneva has acumulated enough experience to offer, in every moment, a true guarantee for the future,, by making excellent and long-lasting products with the highest quality, and by being a direct alternative choice to that rigid standardization that can be found within the market.

aneva ha sido un destacado colaborador en el Museo de las Colecciones Reales de Madrid, con el suministro de más de 2.000m de luminarias de alta tecnología y acertado diseño.

aneva designed and produced high capability solutions in the implantation of curved light alignments, installed in the Auditorium of the new BBVA City, in Madrid.

The combination of a bold design from the Adam Bresnick Architectural Cabinet and the most sophisticated production technique, offers as a result products of spectacular beauty in the residential area.