Through its commitment to continuous improvement of quality systems, ANEVA's managing group sets the following general goals:

Quality System

  • Enhance quality system, by making it a part of the management system of the company.
  • Train staff accordingly, encouraging participation and studying project proposals of all company members.
  • Enforce existing regulations and keep updated with future standards that may affect the company, avoiding any delays in its implementation.


  • Organize activities aimed at improving customer relations, satisfaction and loyalty, especially in post sales relationships, securing the purchase.
  • Interest ourselves in our customers' needs and study the changes that are required to achieve full customer satisfaction.
  • Assess our strengths and weaknesses with regards to our competitors. Highlight the strengths in our recent advertising and try to improve the latter.


  • Increase the number of authorised suppliers and improve the management and commitment from which they will benefit a better service from the company.

Material Resources

  • Renew machinery frequently in order to prevent breakdowns that could stop production and acquire new technologies to avoid being outdated and therefore cut costs.

Human Resources

  • Establish a training plan that enables staff to expand their fields of knowledge and improve their professional growth.
  • At the same time, promote motivation and involvement in the company.