Our Product

The key feature of our work is the ability to design and manufacture any luminaire design, tailored specifically to the location and benefit of each installation, unlike most European suppliers, commited to providing products they presume and anticipate these facilities require.

Igualmente, dentro del grupo aneva, contamos con la mejor capacidad de propuesta, apoyada por nuestro servicio de estudios y proyectos integrales de iluminación.

The character and the thoughtful application of our products has been determined as an added-value towards a large number of projects carried out for more than 40 years, all within a very competitive price range.

Some of the standout fields we have covered, amongst our 6,000+ products made throughout the life of our company are:

    • Rustproff steel luminaires made for hospitals, industrial or outdoor environments.
    • Luminaires made from ironwork or aluminium injection to be built in or attached on the floor for indoor and outdoor environments.
    • Bollards and lampposts made of steel or aluminium for gardens or vials.
    • Technical and decorative signage made with optical fiber, LEDs or Electroluminescence.
    • Underwater luminaires with IP-68 sealing gel.
    • High security luminaires for prisons.
    • Hanging structures made of extruded aluminium with several types of luminaires and items to use.
    • Luminaires for magnetic induction lamps and high performance LEDs with a lasting life of over 60,000 hours.
    • Luminaires adapted to various management systems and digital control.